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Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. is an Oregon-based, minority-owned company founded by Merced Flores, Senior Associate. The goal of Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. is to provide effective solutions for positive change, be it a small or large organization. Many consultants working with Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. have up to thirty years of experience in federal, state, and local education programs; program management and monitoring; materials development; training and technical assistance; strategic planning; grant writing; compliance assistance and training; and organizational and leadership development. Our consultants provide diverse services that are designed and tailored specifically to the needs of an organization. Consultants have considerable experience as administrators, educators, federal program coordinators, and other similar roles.


Training and Technical Assistance

State and Local Education Agencies often need help in training new and veteran staff in understanding national and state reforms. Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. use a variety of training strategies and approaches in order to produce confident and capable staff.

Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. provides customized training in the identification and recruitment (ID&R) of migrant children, including Out-of-School Youth (OSY) as part of the Title I Part C Migrant Education Program (MEP).

Program Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reviews

Our consultants have experience in reviewing the administration and implementation of State and Local education grants, including the examination of the program's overall structure and design, basic program operations, results and outcomes, and its success. In regards to the Title I Part C Migrant Education Program, consultants understand the need for continuous improvement at both local and state levels, including the importance of developing a needs assessment, a service delivery plan and its implementation and evaluation, in order to produce a well-balanced successful program.

On-site and desk reviews are provided to insure program compliance and the development and implementation of a Comprehensive Needs Assessment, Service Delivery Plans, and the overall MEP goals.

Document and Materials Development

Based on the experience of Loma Linda Consultants, Inc., a wide range of documents and materials can be developed in order to address the diverse needs of State and Local programs. Useful program manuals and well-developed plans, including quality control plans, are tailored to fit the specific programs and to expand the knowledge and skills of staff.

Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. have developed various program documents including Quality Control Plans, Program and Policy Manuals, Identification and Recruitment Manuals, Newsletters, Qualifying Activities Booklets, and various documents and materials. State and Local Education Agencies have benefitted from these publications and program designs.

Compliance Assistance and Training

Consultants understand the importance of resolving concerns regarding program compliance as well as working with an LEA or SEA to target resources when compliance issues appear. Consultants work with programs to address concerns and issues in order to prevent subsequent challenges. In addition, Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. conduct Migrant Education Program re-interviewing, working directly with migrant families and Out-of-School Youth.

Compliance and understanding of Federal and State program rules and regulations are frequent challenges with programs employing new and existing staff. Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. has worked with states to understand and meet their obligations. Also, the Migrant Education Program requires systems of quality control, including developing systems of quality assurance. Serving as an independent third party in a State's re-interviewing process Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. has assisted in the verification of migrant student eligibility determinations through appropriate conducted interviews. The results of the re-interviews are used to identify areas for need of improvement and training in the identification and recruitment of migrant children and youth.

Program Development and Assistance

Faced with changes caused by either by Federal and local education reforms, funding, and other concerns, programs often need assistance in responding to the challenges that may occur. Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. are ready to work with programs and staff to transform and reestablish their program structure and foundation in order to achieve success.

Various states using out-of-date organizational structures have asked Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. to review existing program designs in order to meet funding and program requirements. The changes have enabled states to operate efficiently and target dollars where needed.

General Consultation and Project Assistance

When the question arises, "What am I supposed to do?" it is always nice to have a helping hand. Our consultants have diverse skills and have experience in various political and educational challenges. They are prepared to collaborate in order to find successful and sensible solutions.

State and local programs have asked Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. to work with them on everyday projects in order to "jumpstart" their responsibility within the school district or larger organization. Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. are willing to coach and mentor staff in order to satisfy the organization's needs.

Keynote and Motivation Speakers

When an opportunity arises for quality speakers with quality or motivational content, Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. provides people who know their area of expertise.

Loma Linda Consultants, Inc. have provided English and Spanish-speaking keynoters who have presented to staff and parents. Our speakers have knowledge and experience that helps them relate to appropriate audiences.


Present and previous clients include:

  • Idaho Department of Education
  • California Department of Education
  • Georgia Department of Education
  • Indiana Department of Education
  • Louisiana Department of Education
  • Mississippi State University
  • Missouri Department of Education
  • Montana Department of Education
  • Virginia Department of Education
  • Wisconsin Department of Education
  • Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • San Joaquin County Office of Education
  • Eugene School District 4j
  • And many others

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Merced Flores

About Merced Flores

Merced Flores has accumulated years of education, administrative, and management experience, working at the local, state, and national levels. He has taught at the K-12 and collegiate levels, administered federal and state education programs, and as a school district chief of staff, supervised large departments and staff. As a community college dean, he has managed GED and ESL programs, federal education programs, served as a compliance officer, and worked with high schools in developing and providing dual credit and high school graduation programs. Merced Flores has developed this company and group of professional colleagues based on his knowledge, experience, and extensive network. Through his consulting company, Loma Linda Consultants, Inc., Merced Flores provides training and program assistance to various local and state education programs nationally. He has a noted specialty and expertise in the area of migrant education.

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